Sky Glue - Lady Black Glue - For Sensitive Eyes - 5ml

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Lady Black is Sky Glue's premium line of adhesive and has been formulated to provide the best performance for sensitive eyes. Lady Black is the adhesive that lash professionals depend on most when their clients have high sensitivity to eyelash adhesive. The thick consistency and low fume make it the perfect choice for all clients.

Lady Black is also the adhesive that professional turn to when they are applying their set in moderate to low humidity. Humidity greatly affects the performance of eyelash adhesive and it is the reason why top professionals consider Lady Black a "must have" in their lash box. Don't let the the dry environment of winter poorly affect your performance any longer - use Lady Black.

Size: 5ml

Glue Colour: Black

Drying Time: 3-4 Seconds

Retention Time: 5-6 weeks

Recommend Temperature: 72-77℉ (22-25°C)

Recommend Humidity:  RH 20-45%

Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free

Lady Black is professional product and is meant to only be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for Ardell strip lashes. It is only meant to be used for eyelash extensions.