Roselisa - Slick Lifting Balm - 25g

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The days when lashes not sticking during your lash lift treatments are gone!

Introducing your new lash lift BFF – SLICK

Slick Lifting balm by Roselisa lashes is used to fix the natural lashes onto the silicone shields in a more efficient way than the traditional method. Slick will stick lashes in just one second all while keeping the natural lashes hydrated thanks to its active ingredients containing argan oil, vitamin E & Vitamin B5. Slick is the perfect tool for lash lift beginners!

How to use Slick

Using a micro brush or applicator, apply SLICK to the inner side of the silicone pad and place it onto the eyelid for 5-10 seconds. Using a micro brush or applicator, place an appropriate amount of glue balm onto the silicone pad's outer side in small sections. Comb the lashes upwards using the Roselisa Y brush! Proceed with your lash lift solution processing & remove natural lashes as usual with solution #3: Nourish.

Using a mascara wand, brush the brows upwards until satisfied with the direction.

Please note that this product may not be suitable for some clients with stubborn /stiff lashes

Key Features

Quick and easy lash placement
It nourishes the lashes and provides deep hydration thanks to its active ingredients containing Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E.
Transparent, wax-like texture
One second fixation
Less is more – Only a small quantity is needed to hold lashes in place!
NO residue on the lashes once removed thanks to its deep hydrating formula!
It smells amazing! - Strawberry-scented