Roselisa - Silicone Bowl & Spatula Set

SKU: 8927


This high-quality silicone bowl and plastic spatula are excellent for cosmetic usage. Both tools are washable and reusable. The silicone bowl has a measurable ruler on the inside, allowing you to easily measure the quantity of any solution. The Bowls Set- Plastic Spatula, Silicone Bowl is suitable for face mask solutions, henna, hair tints, or any types of mixing such as mixing facial masks, peels, serums, skincare products, etc. This set is eco-friendly and economical.

Key Features:

1 purple silicone bowl,
1 purple spatula,
Eco-friendly & economical,
Made with 100% high-quality silicone & plastic,
Washable & reusable,
Bowl capacity is 450ml