Roselisa - Collagen Lip Mask - 1pc

SKU: 8926


Our Roselisa Collagen Lip Mask is a moisturizing sheet mask that hydrates the lips by stimulating collagen. This lip mask will gradually refine and hydrate your dull, crack, solve dry lips and make it more glam. It also acts as a smooth primer for all your lipstick shades. To be used on clean lips for 15-20 minutes. It is easy to use and non-irritant.

Key Features:

Stimulates collagen,
Acts as a smooth primer for all lipstick shades,
Applies on clean lips for 15-20 minutes,
For optimal results, use 2-3 times a week,
Helps to hydrate and nourish the solve dry, crack, dull lips,
Unique shape,
Easy to use and non-irritant

Measurement Approximation: 4.7 * 3.5 * 0.04 inches / 12 * 9 * 0.1 cm
Weight Approximation: 8g