Enailcouture - Happy Gel - Milky Way

SKU: 5751


Our new item we have created by popular demand, just for you! Not an acrylic and not a gel but a new hybrid product that feels like an acrylic but cures like a gel, you can play with it as long as you have the perfect shape and cure!

The formula is a combination of acrylic and UV gel! Happy gel is strong but lightweight on the nails, flexible, smells like candy and will not create dust!

Happy gel magical recipe formula is ideal for beginners and professionals! Lightweight like gel, it is easy to use, does not take many steps and gives a flawless result! Happy gel has consistency that allows you to work as fast or as slow as you need. No mixing and no ratio, only use monomer or alcohol to lightly pat into shape and cure!

Sculpt, tip and over lay and natural nail overlays with the strength of a hard gel but with the option of a soak off.

In three colors, princess pink- a cool tone cover pink, eternal beige- warm tone cover pink and crystal clear!

One tube is 60 grams cure time in 90 seconds led or two minutes UV!

*wipe the sticky layer before shaping