Enailcouture - Press On Gel - 12ml

SKU: 8097


New press on gel is magically formulated to adhere our famous 123go gel nails Press on gel creates a strong bond that ensures that their is no lifting or popping off while giving extra strength & durability.

123go press on Gel is a soft gel formula, it can be easily soaked off in acetone/polish remover( 15-20 minutes)

*It can also be used as a builder in a bottle gel!

The formula of the 123go press on gel, gives you  a flawless foundation. The bond that press on gel creates is sealed tight to help prevent any break, crack, tearing or popping off from the 123go nails. Assuring you a strong seal, that your nails  lasts longer!

How to  apply tips:

First do a basic gel manicure prep work on the natural nail, apply one coat of prep, then primer, followed by base gel and cure for 30 seconds on a 44 watts lamp or 90 seconds on a bb lamp.

Apply one layer of press on gel Gel to the natural nail and cure in an LED light for 30 seconds if you need to build up the apex or have flat nails to build up the arch. Apply 123go press on Gel to the inside of your 123go nail of your choice. Don't forget to use primer on the inside of the nail to etch it so the nails will last up to 4+ weeks. Apply it to your natural nail at a 45-degree angle.  let the 123go Gel flow to the tip of the nail and freeze with a flashy or diy lamp. Full cure in the dazzling darling lamp and boom your done sis!

Buff the surface before applying topcoat gel polish or any design!