Crystal Ninja - Crystal Katana Samurai

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Improve your "blinging" skills! The Crystal Katana by CrystalNinja was created by award-winning Flatback Specialist and master artist, Kellie DeFries and has proven to shave time off the process of hand setting-gluing crystals and rhinestones, ss3-ss40. Do you use regular beeswax for transferring your light objects? You'll find that it's too soft and leaves a wax residue on your application surface. Tweezers cramp your hands and fling crystals across the room! Ouch! Someone's going to poke their eye out! Do other china markers or grease pens break, chip, and leave extra residue on crystals? Have you noticed the taller, sharper table facet of the later issued crystals shredding other pickers and tips to smithereens? The answer to all of this madness is the Crystal Katana BY the Crystal Ninja!

New Crystal Katana BLACK EDITION

Same as the original, but a smooth, black ABS plastic build.