Bella Lash - Lash Nebulizer

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Designed specifically for lash artists, the Bella Lash Nebulizer provides the perfect amount of moisture to initiate the polymerization process of the adhesive and reduce the overall cure time.

How to cure lash adhesive using the Nebulizer:

  • Hold the nebulizer approximately 5 inches away from lashes and mist for 30 seconds over each eye.
  • Caution do not overuse as this may cause blanching of the lashes.

How to use and care for the Nebulizer:

  • Empty and wipe out with a lint free applicator each night
  • Do not add essential oils, or any other products to the water
  • Do not clean with vinegar, acetone or other chemicals
  • Runs on two AA batteries


  • Perfect for experienced lash artists
  • Clients will no longer need to wait 24 hours before they can get their lashes wet - adhesive will be cured in 6 hours
  • Clients will experience less irritation from adhesive fumes