Bella - Deep Cleanser - 30ml

SKU: 3662


Bella’s Deep Lash Cleanser is a thorough rinsing formulation to nourish and remove all makeup and impurities. This formula provides a deep cleanse while still providing a soothing treatment. With added moisturizers this cleanser provides less irritation around the eye area. With vitamin A, D, and E, Bella’s Deep Lash Cleanser nourishes and strengthens your natural lashes and leaves them feeling clean and refreshed.

Why Deep Cleanser?

Bella Lash Deep Cleanser works differently than our traditional ERROR. The Deep Cleanser is a thick gel type formulation designed to gently but effectively remove ALL types of mascaras and any other impurities. This is very nice to have for those clients who have used a tough mascara before their fill. It will remove even the toughest mascaras without damaging the extension adhesives. 

The formulation includes Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea extracts to help moisturize and soothe your skin. Did you know that Green Tea has been proven to prevent common problems with lashes such as Blepharitis.