Akzentz - Options Imperial Red - 4g

SKU: 5333


Options Colour Gels are the perfect solution for the ultimate manicure or pedicure. Formulated to coat and protect the natural nail. Options is an advanced, custom crafted gel product that is an alternative to traditional nail enhancements. 

• 100% Odour Free

• 100% Pure Gel Formulation

• Solvent Free & 3-Free

• Made In Canada - From the highest grade of USA & European sourced ingredients

• Can be easily soaked-off

• Traditional jar format

• Extremely, pigmented colours - Thin colour applications

• A thicker gel consistency for maximum control

• Will not damage natural nails with correct application

Odourless: Healthier for you and your environment
Natural: Leaves your nails looking and feeling natural
Durable: Made from innovative materials to offer superior strength
Diverse: Wide range of colours and products to suit your needs.

30s LED/2m UV

4g/0.14oz size