PremierLash - Lash Tablet - Large

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The solid surface offers ample space for all your extension supplies. Place next to your clients head (or on each side) for convenient access.

Enlarged surface is perfect for lash organization, tweezers & tools and is a safe area for adhesive. Use as a stand-alone product or with our PremierLash Ergonomic Spa Pillow to complete your workstation.

Remove both protective layers for a clear surface, or leave one film for a frosted background and added color contrast.

• Dimensions: 9" L x 6 1/2" W x 1/4" D
• Easy cleanup between clients

Directions: Remove one or both protective film(s) before use.  For a frosted back ground, leave the white film.

Cleaning: Use antibacterial soap, Isopropyl Alcohol or MetriCide/CaviCide ® disinfectant. 

• Do not use Lash Remover, Acetone or other such chemicals which will damage or cloud the material