Enailcouture - Wonder Gel

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Wonder gel is wonderful because it seals and can be used for nail art ~!

Our new wonder gel is a thick semi-permanent top gel that will make your nails indestructible! The thicker formula smooths out imperfections and creates a flawless finish. Your nail will never chip even chrome nails will last forever! Glitter nails will have a smooth finish. Wonder gel is amazing for applying foil since it has a super sticky layer and also does the magical gel crackle effect if you layer a thin layer of gel polish over it and seal with shinee!

Added UV Brighteners are sure to enhance
the vivid whites, lucent clears, and radiant pinks.

Semi-hard type top gel seals and protects your gel design and gives a beautiful glossy look.

Prevents coloration and discoloration from everyday use.

Remove sticky layer with acetone or alcohol