PREempt - Prevention Wipes - 160 pk

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Disinfection of non-porous hard surfaces such as the exterior of fume hoods, tabletops and other environmental surfaces.

 1. Heavily soiled surfaces require cleaning prior to disinfection.

2. Apply to surface with disposable wipe.

3. Ensure surface remains wet for 3 minutes.

For use as a disinfectant on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces of footbaths:

1. Drain: Drain the water from the unit and remove any visible debris.

2. Clean: Thoroughly clean all surfaces with PREempt™ Wipes, then rinse with water and drain.

3. Apply: Pull towelettes from dispenser and wipe hard non-porous surfaces with the wipe.

4. To Disinfect: All surfaces must remain wet for 3 minutes. Use additional towelettes if needed to ensure the correct wet contact time.

5. Rinse: Rinse all surfaces with fresh water and drain.